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Title: Culloden
Post by: stokerstan on July 28, 2019, 10:12:26 PM
 Many of us had heard about the battle of Culloden, and how "Bonnie Prince Charlie" came over from France to take the crown of Scotland from the "English", a lot of exciting novels have been written about the subject,but it seems most of them were not too historically accurate.
   A New Visitor Centre close to the actual battlefield of Culloden tells a story that has been well researched,and presented in a way that does not seek to attribute blame, but explains how the battle came about. The centre has a remarkable display of artifacts, and a brilliant high tech surround cinema that creates the effect of being stood in the middle of the battle at the height of the " hand to hand"conflict. The film is only of a few minutes duration,but the sights and sound can have quite a disturbing effect !
        There is an hourly battle field walk with a guide who points out the battle field in detail, and answered every question in a very interesting way. A lot of research seems to have been conducted into the detailed aspects of this battle, and a remarkably balanced story has emerged.
    The battle lasting about an hour and in a small area, cost the lives of 1600 men, 1500 of them Prince Charies Jacobites.