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Title: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on October 26, 2016, 05:47:04 PM
   Well readers, as you know, the 2016 reunion went off without a hitch. At the AGM when the question was asked what is the venue to be for 2017, all present except Brian Tennick
said "back here", we won't get better for the money. I do except that we have been at this venue for so long now, that if we move some members may never be able to find the new place,
and the Britannia has become sort of home from home every October. Anyway, our favourite Manager person Stacey,has again given us the event with no increase in costs. I think this will be the fifth year without a price hike, free bus trip, no single room supplements, private dining,and happy hour bar all week-end.
 I have just signed the contract for 2107,first week-end in October. I would not have wished us to have missed out.

   Please keep an eye out on this site for other things we are hoping to announce after Christmas, and I believe Crash has posted some good pics to the Web Master for adding to our annual collection of reunions on the Gallery.

ps Brian was much taken with Royal Leamington Spa. I am advised that he is investigating the possibilities of the place for a reunion. I am a bit concerned about the idea of slinging hammocks in the Park, but if Brian can still swing into a mick I will go for it. We will see  ;D  
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on April 27, 2017, 08:15:16 PM
Well here we are almost May, and planning for the next big meet at Coventry. The hotel has had the contract back confirming our arrival in October, and Tamworth RNA have said they would be pleased to have us there on the Saturday. They were a bit unkind to me, they said they like all the Victorious trophies they had taken from us, and were looking forward to more this year, I was a bit lost for words, but will think of something !!!
 I have spoken to Stacey Bosworth, who advises me a number of booking forms have already been received at the hotel, but the receipt for some of them had not gone out yet as Stacey has been off sick for a period,but is now restored to full health and anyone awaiting their receipt will get them very shortly.
     Anyone who has not had a booking form, or has lost it, contact me or Topsey and one will be furnished for you. 

   Reunion.. Britannia Hotel Fairfax Street. 6th 7th 8th October. Anyone wishing to have the Thursday (5th)  note it on your application form. The Thursday is a cut price, Dinner Bed and Breakfast.

    Take Care more details later. 
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on June 27, 2017, 08:58:24 PM



Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on August 10, 2017, 10:49:57 PM

  Hey, we are now in August, have you booked yet ??

   Anything for the AGM ? let the Hon Sec have it for his agenda.

          Anyone with any contacts at the M.O.D. ..... just let them nknow that we would like an invite to have a look at this new carrier that seems to be in the water now.
 They may need a reminder that we of the the Victorious were the last of the "real" carrier men, with proper aircraft a flat flight deck and lots of steam.

   Take Care out there, good men are getting in short supply from what I can tell. See you in Coventry.
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on September 13, 2017, 10:31:24 PM
 Have been rather busy this past month or so, and the time seems to fly past.I have begun the usual twitching about the reunion, has everyone had a hotel booking form etc. Chased up the hotel because as we know whilst the hotel tries to look after us,we almost always have an arm wrestle with the reception when we book in. Anyway I have been assured there will be no problem this year from them, and all is well.
I will be travelling down on the Thursday, and on Friday will set up camp as usual opposite the reception, and ensure tea and coffee will be available for members on arrival. I will put a programme out, although I suspect most of us know it off by heart now, but we do have a number of guests coming this year who may need a bit of direction. No one came up with any real suggestions for changes, so this years programme will be not much different from last year. However, we do have better rum this year, and we will do our best to have some items of interest to spread. I was planning to suggest that we left off the rum, and put on cocoa before bed time, but no one took up the idea !! We almost had a visit planned for a Highland Piper to pipe us into dinner(details of this on request), but the nearest lives in Edinburgh, and did not particularly want to make the drive down. So we have again resorted to pressing Topsey into standby in case a Cadet is not available to get us seated.
   Topsey has mentioned the possible problem of the car park being half dug up, but we will have to see what's what in October. Odd place Coventry, if they are not changing the road layout, they are digging up the car park for some reason. Ah well watch this space any dramatic happenings we will advise.
    Take good Care  See you in Coventry. :-* :-*
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on October 04, 2017, 11:14:16 PM

 Well, if you have not booked by now, your cutting it very fine.Still if you have not booked, and on Friday your swept away at the thought of the free rum, the Happy hour bar prices, and of course the thought of all the really nice shipmates you may just miss, well sneak in the front door, and we may be able to find you a hammock, just for old times sake.

For you lucky people who have booked, see you in Coventry.
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: stokerstan on October 10, 2017, 10:51:45 PM
 Just to say a quick thank you to all the members who attended this years reunion, and I think,made the event the best I have been to. The hotel has continued to improve their service,the staff were great ! I understand the hotel are starting a new head chef, but I have to say whoever cooked for us did a fine job as far as I'm concerned. I was surprised and pleased to find both our Patron and President joined us for our Gala dinner, as did the Coventry Sea Cadet group, smart as paint as usual,and to round the event off our two heroic Uckers men took on the might of Tamworth R.N.A. and this year emerged victorious.
   The future direction of our association was discussed at the AGM on Sunday, a more detailed report concerning this will appear later,but from the discussion that took place the committee was instructed to book the Coventry Britannia venue again for 2018, and so it shall be done.

  Mini meets for 2018 were discussed in some detail, and a full report will be circulating concerning these. However please be advised that one location will be suggested to members in detail very soon,
 Lowestoft, home of the great Inshore Patrol Service. We have been invited, and will be going next summer for sure. Watch these spaces, we already have much to report.

   I am now retreating to a dark little room to allow the rum level in my system to reduce a bit.
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: Dave on October 11, 2017, 08:53:34 AM
well done to all    :)
Title: Re: Reunion 2017.
Post by: James Hutton on October 14, 2017, 11:30:08 AM
Crash's pictures from the 2017 reunion are now being uploaded to the gallery.

Thanks for the pictures.