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A run ashore / Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
« Last post by stokerstan on Today at 03:46:38 PM »
  Latest info about the Fleetwood meeting.

 I have spoken to the Fleetwood life boat association and the boat house will be open for us again.

  Today  I have commissioned a  grand Victorious/ Fleetwood cake to celebrate our Gala dinner at Fleetwood. It will be a super work of art, that also tastes good. If you are not their, you probably won't get a bit.
   The tram car to Blackpool runs past the Blackpool tower, and if one looks to the right at this point, you will be passing the location where Nelsons favourite ship HMS Foudroyant was wrecked and dismantled.
     Not a lot of people know that now !!
Naval History / Re: HMS Victorious
« Last post by stokerstan on January 11, 2020, 12:21:06 PM »
Silver sands R+R,  I have some very vivid memories of the place, but it was a long time ago, and I am not certain that all I remember was totally true.
I remember that we slept in round huts without doors, in bunk beds, and during the night large white crabs wandered round  the floor ! There was a large round float anchored about a hundred yards off shore that you could swim to and sun bathe. Half a dozen of us were on the thing when a group of Manta Rays passed us, huge great things sort of lifting out of the sea and smacking down. We gave them plenty of time to pass before heading back to shore !! I remember a concrete disc, you could rent roller skates and try to skate round on it ! lost skin off my knees doing that.
I have no recollection of how we were fed, or by whom, but I do remember a Squaddy (possibly RAF) with stripes who was around, and I think you could buy cans of local beer from him at various times of the day. The sea and the beach were immaculate, and I would probably have enjoyed a couple of months there, but the boiler rooms called us back !! Great Days, some of the best.
Naval History / Re: HMS Victorious
« Last post by Dave on January 10, 2020, 12:54:02 PM »
Silver Sands remember yes
Naval History / Re: HMS Victorious
« Last post by stokerstan on January 10, 2020, 10:58:39 AM »
  Remember it very well Dave !! We had had some great runs ashore, Cape Town, Aden and Singapore. I Remember we were on our way for my first visit to Hong Kong, when we turned about and headed for the Persian Gulf. I was not alone in being very disappointed as Ihad been advised of all the delights that were available and waiting there.
  Persian Gulf was very memorable but for all the wrong reasons... Very warm down the boiler rooms, very hot in the mess decks, red hot on the flight decks and never a sight of land for weeks (seven weeks I think it was).Very pleased when Centaur trundled up to relieve us, and off we went for a brilliant time in Mombasa.
  Does anyone out there remember the Silver Sands rest camp ? I think it was run by the RAF, we had a great time there for a week!!

  The Chief Stoker promised all us younger Stokers that we would probable get a medal for our stalwart performance in the Gulf.... the water rationing the hot sun the dust...slinging hammocks on the cable deck, and getting hosed down by annyoying seamen who had not done the middle watch !!
       We never got a medal though, but we did make it to Hong Kong, what a great Commish that was.
Naval History / Re: HMS Victorious
« Last post by Dave on January 06, 2020, 03:14:21 PM »
Thanks to Save The Royal Navy      for the following

       Kuwait 1961
British forces deployed to Kuwait to defend it against threatened Iraqi aggression. HMS Bulwark arrived with 42 RM Commando within 24 hours since good intelligence had put her in the right place and used its helicopters to deploy and support them. British troops flown into Kuwait by RAF transport with only what they stood up in – had to requisition vehicles and wait for RN amphibious shipping to bring in more. Strike carrier HMS Victorious took several days to arrive with her battle group from the South China Sea but brought the ‘complete package of power’ that subsequently dominated the area. A single RAF Hunter squadron had deployed to Kuwait from Bahrain but lacked fuel, ammunition, spares and most of all GCI radar coverage other than that provided by Bulwark. RAF transport being used to fly in troops so none available to support the Hunters which left once HMS Victorious arrived. The need for the RN to support RAF aircraft led to the second commando-carrier, Albion, being fitted with better surveillance radar (Type 965).                       
A run ashore / Re: Portland
« Last post by stokerstan on December 27, 2019, 04:19:03 PM »

  Yes Crash, never got ashore in Portland, but all the best eating places seem to have gone now !! mine was the Green spot cafe just down from the main gate in Pompy,

   Bacon and eggs and a pint of tea for less than two bob. Real Quality stuff you won't get in McDonalds.!!
A run ashore / Portland
« Last post by Dave on December 26, 2019, 01:51:52 PM »
Long gone
A run ashore / Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
« Last post by stokerstan on December 12, 2019, 07:01:16 PM »

I have talked to a number of friends who are involved with reunion do's. I am assured that from a cost point of view we are on the good side. I am happy that the quality of the hotel service and decor are first class, and I will, when we get Christmas over with. send out a detailed letter of how to book, how to get there, etc.
  The hotel is busy at the moment,and there is no rush to book at this time,we have rooms reserved for us.

  The hotel has a good web site Google North Euston Hotel Fleetwood. Get an idea of the place. I think you will like this place shipmates, by all means bring friends and family, as long as they are nice people who like Victorious :D


Naval History / Re: HMS Victorious
« Last post by Dave on December 12, 2019, 12:04:21 PM »
To All

A run ashore / Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
« Last post by stokerstan on November 26, 2019, 09:45:42 PM »
  I made a visit to Fleetwood last week, having booked into the North Euston Hotel for a three night midweek discount break. I was accompanied by the chair of York's RNA and his lady,
and I asked them to view the hotel, for its suitability as a venue for a reunion location. I had listed, the meals,the staff,service, rooms (accessibility ie lift) and comfort and decor. The hotel location with its facing views of Morecambe bay , gives easy access to a broad level promenade, with gentle walks down to bowling greens and sea front gardens. The main shopping area is within easy walking distance, as is a large market, lifeboat house Trawler museum. The tramway system is about fifty yards from the hotels front door, with tram service to Blackpool every fifteen minutes. Local buses for those of us who have a pensioners pass are similarly just over the road. ALL Parking is free, with a large private car park at the rear of the hotel, with rear access into the hotel, which makes it very nice if you have a large bell etc to carry in. !! I had an extended meeting in private with the hotel manager, as to availability,cost, bar system, and Gala Dinner restriction, and on every issue he is happy to comply, with our traditional reunion, own rum etc.
  He offered me discounted rates for various times of the year, and he suggested that a mid-week four day three night meet, 31st March !st April 2nd April, (Just before Easter) should have good weather, and lighter evenings for those who chose to stroll before dinner. Food is available all day, as is the bar.
       I have, with the mandate of the AGM provisionally accepted this offer,. Full details will be coming out soon.
          Bed/Breakfast/dinner including four star Gala Dinner  is £49-95 per person per night. other details, perks, and booking arrangements will be advised later.
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