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The Highlanders' museum.
« on: August 04, 2019, 02:06:52 PM »
 The Highlanders Museum is located in the very impressive Fort George.The fort was built on the instructions of King George, following the Jacobite rebellions,and covers a large area( about the size of 40 football pitches). The fort itself is interesting to see, probably the best preserved fortification of its sort in Europe. The forts ramparts are still fully maintained, and those fit enough can walk around them, (more than half a mile). Whilst the fort was built soon after the battle of Culloden, it has remained manned by the Highland regiments ever since. The museum sections are quite remarkable in the amount of memorabilia collected there, and the well displayed details of the regiments who have been billeted within the castle. During the recent amalgamation of the various Scottish regiments, a great deal of history could have been lost, but Fort George seems to have found a place to keep the hard won and truly unique collections alive, and still provide a home for the 4th Battalion of the Royal regiment of Scotland.
 The place has to be visited to fully be appreciated,but a Google on "Fort George Inverness" gives some idea of the place and its location.

    Very well worth an extended visit.
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