Author Topic: Raid on the Medway 1667  (Read 6074 times)

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Raid on the Medway 1667
« on: March 05, 2011, 09:00:42 PM »

  Just been reading up a bit about an event that most people will never have heard of.
The Royal Navy, was going through a particularly bad time in 1667 ! Whitehall and the powers that were about then, (including the King), had decided that there had to be a big cut back in spending in England, we were broke it seems.
 Reports at the time claimed that there was still a few bob for parties and things in London, but the Fleet had to be laid up, and virtually every jack was sent on his way.
   Unfortunately the King being a merry old soul was having a small war at the time with the Dutch.
No great harm there they said, only the Dutch, good at making cheese, but not much else!
 It seems the Dutch had other ideas, and sailed across the channel, straight up the Thames, down the Medway and sunk, set on fire or took home with them the English fleet. They also, just for laughs had pot shots at Chatham and one or two other towns on the way up, and on the way back down !In practise it seems we could do nothing to stop them, we had no Navy ! The King panicked, London panicked, and most of England panicked.
    A new fleet was built in double quick time, and Jack was popular again for quite a while
Unfortunatly we do not seem to learn from history. they sacked Jack after Trafalgar, and again in 1918, then in 1946 etc.
    No worries though Jack comes Back. Maybe just Maybe we might try sacking some of the turnips in London just for a change.