Author Topic: Talking of Submarines !!  (Read 4320 times)

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Talking of Submarines !!
« on: June 09, 2008, 10:05:15 PM »
 ::) There has been quite a bit of talk about subs among the Vic veterans of late,but nobody mentioned a chap called George Garrett. George was a curate at Moss Side (Manchester) and he invented the first real British sub! and actually the first sub in the world that could be mechanically powered underwater!! The boat was called "Resurgam",and was steam powered. It was reported that it was a rather hot in the boat when it submerged, but it worked !! The vicar might have made his fortune,but on its first real trip (heading for Portsmouth Where else!!) it moored in a not very clever way broke its moorings and was lost off the Welsh coast. The same chap invented a working kit for free breathing under water (that worked as well) yet he somehow contrived to end up as a failed farmer in America,dying stoney broke !!
William Scanlan Murphy produced a very readable life story of Garrett, "Father of the Submarine" published by William Kimber of London. A good read !! Of course you could Google Reverend George Garret Pasha !

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Re: Talking of Submarines !!
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