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Anthony John Rutherford
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:49:38 AM »
Hi. My father (Tony or John Rutherford) was a very proud Scouser and served on the Victorious for the entire duration of WW2. I believe he was an A/A gunner (he was proud of graduating through all A/A guns from 1 to 4 barrel) and served from 1939 to 1945. He eventually paid off in Sydney in 1945.

I am interested in learning more about his service. I have read what is available on the web concerning the Vic but there isn't much information about ship's complement, actions in which she participated, and so on.

Can anyone help? Unfortunately my father passed away in 1997 before I could ask the hundred and one questions I now have.

My direct email is if respondents prefer to contact me in person.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Rutherford

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Re: Anthony John Rutherford
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 09:07:13 PM »
Hi Phil, I cannot answere the 101 questions you should have asked your dad,but may fill in a bit. Vic first commissioned 29th March 1941, under command of Capt.Henry C Bovell. She went into action almost immediately, chasing Bismarck. She was in almost constant action until the end of the war.1941, in action aiding Malta, carried out air attacks against shipping and attacking fuel installations in Norway ,aluminium works and D/F stations at Rost Island. Chased German capital ships Admiral Scheer and Prince Eugen, and attacked Tirpitz. Early 42 on convoy duties then onto Operation Pedestal escorting convoy to Malta.(Bomb hits flight deck but bounces over the side) Carrier Eagle sunk.Oct 42Operation Torch, Nov back to Med,Vics Planes captures French airfield at Blida. 1943 Cross Atlantic to help Americans, exercise and refit in Nolfolk Virginnia, Pearl harbour. Back to UK. April 44 Operation Tungsten.
July 44 out to Colombo, Trincomalee with force 62 attacking Japanese fuel and air fields etc. Attacks on Sabang harbour,Padang, Nicobar Islands . Major attack on Palembang 110 plans. April May constant action against Japanese targets, hit by Kamikaze planes. Numerous targets attacked.
25th Sept sails for Portsmouth UK. with ex POW's.Oct 1945 used as troop ship for next 18months put into reserve. Jan 1958 recommissioned. another story !
    Phil.on Amazon. Lt.Cmdr. Michael Apps book giving you all the war detail. "Send Her Victorious"
Lots of second hand copies there. if you cannot get a copy let me know.
   Re ships compliment info , not easy, squadrons and crew constantly changing. Re your father you need to contact MOD for info. Incidentally, we still have members who served through the war in our association.    Stan McLellan  Vic 1960-64  Keep in touch.