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Title: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on November 11, 2019, 08:57:34 PM
   I realised at our October reunion that we all had got a bit older. Stairs have got a bit steeper,time between naps quite a lot shorter, hotel chairs not as comfortable, queueing up to be served with dinner much less fun, bar staff much less polite, needing to walk distances to car parks getting out of the question.

     I could go on, and it might only be my opinion, but I am doing some indepth scientific examination of this issue, and will report my findings back to you.
 I find that I still do like tradition, rum, but not quite as much as in yesteryear, and a comfortable lounge where I can tell my sea stories (without shouting).holds some real attraction !!
      I find that I now look at the weather forcast in detail, and events in the depth of winter tend to be a bit of a drag. Christmas is ok... but  well Coventry in October no longer fills me with
excitment, and I have a feeling that an evening walk round Coventry after dark ...... well not for me anyway.
    I think at our age we are entitled to somthing a little better. I will report back soon, as to what is available, and at what price. I hope I can surprise you. If not there is always the Britannia.
    Comments very welcome.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on November 26, 2019, 09:45:42 PM
  I made a visit to Fleetwood last week, having booked into the North Euston Hotel for a three night midweek discount break. I was accompanied by the chair of York's RNA and his lady,
and I asked them to view the hotel, for its suitability as a venue for a reunion location. I had listed, the meals,the staff,service, rooms (accessibility ie lift) and comfort and decor. The hotel location with its facing views of Morecambe bay , gives easy access to a broad level promenade, with gentle walks down to bowling greens and sea front gardens. The main shopping area is within easy walking distance, as is a large market, lifeboat house Trawler museum. The tramway system is about fifty yards from the hotels front door, with tram service to Blackpool every fifteen minutes. Local buses for those of us who have a pensioners pass are similarly just over the road. ALL Parking is free, with a large private car park at the rear of the hotel, with rear access into the hotel, which makes it very nice if you have a large bell etc to carry in. !! I had an extended meeting in private with the hotel manager, as to availability,cost, bar system, and Gala Dinner restriction, and on every issue he is happy to comply, with our traditional reunion, own rum etc.
  He offered me discounted rates for various times of the year, and he suggested that a mid-week four day three night meet, 31st March !st April 2nd April, (Just before Easter) should have good weather, and lighter evenings for those who chose to stroll before dinner. Food is available all day, as is the bar.
       I have, with the mandate of the AGM provisionally accepted this offer,. Full details will be coming out soon.
          Bed/Breakfast/dinner including four star Gala Dinner  is £49-95 per person per night. other details, perks, and booking arrangements will be advised later.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on December 12, 2019, 07:01:16 PM

I have talked to a number of friends who are involved with reunion do's. I am assured that from a cost point of view we are on the good side. I am happy that the quality of the hotel service and decor are first class, and I will, when we get Christmas over with. send out a detailed letter of how to book, how to get there, etc.
  The hotel is busy at the moment,and there is no rush to book at this time,we have rooms reserved for us.

  The hotel has a good web site Google North Euston Hotel Fleetwood. Get an idea of the place. I think you will like this place shipmates, by all means bring friends and family, as long as they are nice people who like Victorious :D


Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on January 20, 2020, 03:46:38 PM
  Latest info about the Fleetwood meeting.

 I have spoken to the Fleetwood life boat association and the boat house will be open for us again.

  Today  I have commissioned a  grand Victorious/ Fleetwood cake to celebrate our Gala dinner at Fleetwood. It will be a superb work of art, that also tastes good. If you are not there, you probably won't get a bit.
   The tram car to Blackpool runs past the Blackpool tower, and if one looks to the right at this point, you will be passing the location where Nelsons favourite ship HMS Foudroyant was wrecked and dismantled.
     Not a lot of people know that now !!
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on February 02, 2020, 11:06:56 PM
   Will be at the North Euston Hotel on the 21st February, during a visit to meet relatives. I will be talking to the hotel manager however, and if any members have any questions about the hotel or our reunion, if you forward them to me before then I can take them up with the manager and get back to you.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on February 08, 2020, 12:57:09 AM
  The hotel has a modern lift to all levels. (I think there is only three levels) it responds quickly and when I have been in the hotel, there has never been any wait or hold up with it.
Some members will already have received a copy of the hotel 2020 Brochure,but I think not everyone has had one. I will see that they go out to all, well before the meeting date. They have some useful details in, at the back page is a neat item about how to get to the hotel.
The main bar seems to be open all the time ! but it is worth remembering that they do serve tea and snacks at any time. News papers can be pre ordered from the reception if  requested  at the check in. Some papers are supplied foc in the dining room each morning for reading with your  breakfast !!
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on March 08, 2020, 12:45:16 PM

   The North Euston Hotel Manager had reserved in my name 30 nice rooms for the reunion. This was slightly more than we have used in recent reunions in Coventry, and is probably sufficient for our reunion numbers.The manager has mailed me to advise that at this point 27 rooms have been allocated, and has asked if he can now put out these rooms for other possible clients. If this creates a problem for any members,who have not booked but still wish to, get back to me soonest, so I can advise the manager, of course you may end up in the bilges, but they will be nice bilges. Anyone wishing to attend just the Gala dinner, please advise me so the Hotel can ensure the meals and seating numbers are adequate. The manager is very keen to get us the best on the night.

 Confirmation of final details will be circulated in the near future.  Stan M.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on March 15, 2020, 07:46:29 PM

   I will be talking to the manager of the North Euston Hotel on the 20th March as to whether the reunion can be held at the date agreed.I am concerned that the government may well bring in number constrictions for meetings etc as has now happened on the continent.
    I have not wanted to suggest that we cancel, regardless of prevailing conditions, as members would lose their deposits and we would still have no reunion. I will if the reunion date is not feasible
 suggest that we postpone the event, leaving deposits, tariffs and arrangements in place until this mess blows over.I expect to be able to put out a decision of go or no go by the 21st.

  The Lifeboat lady contacted me this morning to advise me that a ban has been imposed on the lifeboat station to everyone not a crew member. so we would not be able to visit same. She was quite upset about the issue,as they had made some preparations for our visit.

   I will advise of any developments as I get them. I welcome any views that members may have.  Keep well  Stan M.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: Topsey on March 22, 2020, 10:57:57 PM
It is with great sadness I have to report that the reunion is postponed due to the country shutting down because of corona virus. Please note that it is POSTPONED not cancelled. Once this lurgy has passed we Will re-book a date suitable to all and uphold the Victorious spirit. In the meantime just remember that the Victorious was the only war machine from all 3 services that saw action in EVERY theatre of war and survived the Korean war the very first Gulf war (way before what is now termed the first one) and the Indonesian uprising (Officially another war) and has survived them all. If Hitler, Tojo, Kim Il-sung,  Abdul Karim Qasim , & Sukarno couldn't beat us then this won't either. Hands of the mess for rum UP SPIRITS.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on March 25, 2020, 10:26:55 PM
  Well you will no doubt have heard that the bug has shut us down lock stock and bar. However not all bad news. I have had a good conversion with Steve,the manager of the North Euston, and he
Has agreed to simple postpone our visit. He sends his apologies to all our members, and says that immediately the lock down ends, and it is safe for us to travel he will mail me dates for a four day visit, with all the trimmings. Like everyone, he has no idea when the all clear will come, but he promises that mid or late summer he will have the rooms for us, a brilliant Gala dinner, and whatever is open in Fleetwood we will ge. I asked if it gets to late summer and that illuminations have started, will we still get the rooms, and he assures me that if it is the same four day midweek package, we get the booking. I have had contacts from the Lifeboat , and the museum, and they also promise to look after what ever we require.No deposits have been lost, they will simply be transferred to
our new dates.
       As the Creme da la Creme of service associations our Reunion will be the big one !!   Now if that is not something to look forward to,I don't know what is.....and the gardens will be in bloom and
the weather will be good lots of wine free rum... I could go on. ;D ;D ;D ;D
Not quite sure what the Creme thing is about, but hey it sounds good. :-* :-*No snogging allowed till the bug is gone. 8) STAY SAFE AND WELL.
Title: Re: 2020 Victorious Reunion
Post by: stokerstan on April 25, 2020, 08:35:03 PM
Well the lock down seems to be extending, and with it the reunion date gets pushed on. However a reunion there will be, and regardless if we end up looking at the illuminations,
or the Christmas shops, at Blackpool, we will have a reunion. The North Euston Hotel is very pleasant in summer, and is snug in winter, with good lounges to look out on the bay. Should we be forced into 2021, we may well stretch to two reunions, but that is yet to be seen.

   Take Care out there, keep well, and keep in touch, our association is not just for the good times, we are here if things get tough, make contact
       Stan M.