Author Topic: S29 The Submarine Victorious Association Visit  (Read 5166 times)

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S29 The Submarine Victorious Association Visit
« on: February 04, 2009, 09:06:02 PM »
Well a dozen of us gathered at the railway station in Helensburgh on a wet and cold night last week having braved the elements to travel up to Scotland for a weekend as guests of the sub Victorious.
I have to report it was brilliant. The Naval base I have to say has some rather impressive police presence,
and we were photographed and looked at quite sternly before being issued with not one, but two ID cards.
I can't say I  blame them, there was some dodgy looking characters in our party, I have put some pictures on the Gallery if you want to see what I mean!! Would you let that lot onto a top secret base ?
Anyway,despite appearances we were treated like V.I.Ps. We were taken down to the sub,and went aboard her via the conning tower ladder,(no mean feat carrying the old zimmer),then shown over the boat.
Its a strange old world in there,but the lunch was first class, no missiles got fired by accident, and no broken bones were reported.
Prior to that we had been taken for what had been called a trip round the harbour, but which turned out to be a fantastic introduction to a modern high speed police craft (photo in gallery). 35 knots, turns at speed in its own length and controlled by a pair of small joy sticks. The policeman assured us of how easy it was to control but I can assure you it is nothing like driving a pussers cutter !!and was an experience none of us would have wanted to miss.
A grand cocktail party finished off the weekend where the crew entertained their families, and again we were made very welcome indeed.
Security dictated that cameras were not encouraged so we have Mark Durkan to thank for the pictures shown. I would have loved to have snapped the simulator's weapon guidance systems but most of all the roaring up the loch in that boat!! nobody is going to believe the weekend we had.
   Very many thanks to the crew of the sub Victorious. You did us proud. ;)
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Re: S29 The Submarine Victorious Association Visit
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