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Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo
« on: May 17, 2011, 10:33:39 PM »
    Had a run to Windsor to have a look at the Tattoo, put on by the Queen no less !
       Had read that it was to help fill the gap left when good old Mr Blair scrapped our Royal Tournament, and to be fair its a very good show.
     Big French contingent, good band, the boot neck band of course was best ! the French had turned out the Foreign Legion, and they looked the part ! Lots of horses charging round pulling gun carriages and firing blanks at us, and some good singing of "Hearts of Oak" etc. The Queen was there and got a good cheer,and there was a lot of talk about how we and the French are going to get together to cooperate in the next war !.
       However, if you go to see the Field Gun run, you will be a bit miffed. Elf and Safety seem to have got there first and made it safe. No swinging guns across open spaces using rope, shear legs and big strong lads,no big strong lads with wheels hanging off their shoulders swinging anywhere ! I am afraid all you old gunners, this job consists of fit young chaps running the length of the arena firing three shots then running back. A lady chief did some shouting, and a bit of not very good marching.
        I think they meant well, no real complaints there,its good if you haven't seen the real thing, and at least someone is trying.
         I would recommend a visit, and yes I would go again.
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