HMS VictoriousWelcome to this official site of the HMS Victorious  Association. If you are a member already we appreciate you checking in again; if you are just visiting, welcome to this happy band of brothers. No matter who you are, please say hello in the Guestbook and share your comments with us.

Maybe you are eligible to join this proud group of men who once manned the mightiest aircraft carriers the British Royal Navy ever produced? If so you are very priveliged. Few warships of the Royal Navy are forgotten while the men who crewed them are still alive. Yet some ships, incredibly those with exceptional battle pedigree like HMS Victorious, sometimes remain an untouchable memory; a sailors dream in a fleeting moment of history. But the loyal men of this Association are not about to let that happen to their ship.

Everyone in the Association understands that a visitor, though being a past crew member of Victorious. may be unable to join us here, simply because they may belong to other Associations (money adds up in this pensionable era!), that is natural for a sailor, having sailed on so many ships. But join if you can. While the Royal Navy is being ripped apart all around us, membership of an Association like ours, is a way of fighting back, to keep our heritage alive.

Thank you for visiting the site. Say hello in our Guestbook why don't you. Visit the Gallery too, and send in a photo of yourself or the ship for inclusion in one of the albums. If you are not a member we invite you to join now. As a visitor you are welcome to enter our Forum too, where you will be permitted to send messages and add new Posts unrestricted.

Farewell Victorious! God speed. We who remain, salute you.

Flattop Magazine

Flattop Magazine is published twice a year, and contains all the news, pictures and memories from Victorious and the Association. Contribute an article today.


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